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OAISS represents Ohio’s network of seven public independent STEM schools that operate autonomously of community school districts. Our schools have been tasked with developing and using innovative instructional methods with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Driven to prepare students for success in the modern economy, and striving to keep more students in Ohio and our workforce development pipeline after graduation, we have built relationships with businesses and institutes of higher education to ensure we are equipping our students with the skills they need. 


  • We are not tied to school districts, enabling us to accept students from a larger geographical area.

  • Admission to our schools are non-selective- we will accept anyone - admittance is determined either through a lottery or first-come first-served method until capacity is achieved.

  • We don't teach at our students. We believe students learn best when they actively engaged in the learning process. 

  • Our focus is on skill mastery. We don't teach to tests.

  • We set ourselves to the higher standard. Our schools are often contacted by educators, businesses and elected officials across Ohio and the country interested in learning how to replicate our programs.


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